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Behind Tennis Give Money there is a dedicated algorithm that is based on statistical data, formations, experience and minuting of individuals. A very complex database that is updated every day, minute by minute, by our experts. We are not just a prediction site that relies on luck and try to make you win. The algorithm has a constantly rising chart.


The Analysis Team composition is the real winning weapon of Tennis Give Money. Analysts and ex-quotists from the best betting companies in Europe form an incredible staff. We focus on the study of odds and a capillary selection of events to improve the performance of our fund and the bets that you are going to place everyday.

Progressive Graph

Daily report for our users is a source of pride and transparency. Our chart consists of over 500 bets played and reported. Every day there will be a closing value, just like a share, that will be determined based on the outcome of the selected events. This value is inserted on the chart in a progressive way so as to keep you constantly updated.

Risk Management

Betting mean risk. As well as in the financial world or trading, the risk component is also present in Tennis Give Money. The algorithm and the analysis team intervene to manage and minimize the risks and exposure to losses. The strength of Tennis Give Money is the long-term result that as you will see, is in a continuous improvement.

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